WESSLING International Research and Educational Center - WIREC

With the foundation of WIREC we have set a landmark within our enterprise for the renewal of our services. In the collaboration with the research in the technological university of Budapest as well as manufacturers and developers of measuring instruments, trained and expert employees, we are able to offer solutions required by the market areas in which we are active...

"Innovation is a major component for the development of our enterprise. WIREC is accompanied by a supervisory board which is attended by renowned scientists. The supervisory board of the WIREC gives impulses, asks critical questions and protects the high-quality work of the research team.

To enable the WIREC to actively follow the needs of the surgically active unities. Necessity and priorities are balanced between these employees to achieve the highest possible work efficiency for the WIREC.

Now our task consists in offering WIREC to respective markets regarding any possible requirements. The methods which must be cleared, new parameters which should be implemented, but also simplifications which lead to the efficiency of our everyday work.

The experts of our enterprise are required to take up the services of the WIREC, to overcome, hurdles, which for whatever reason have been placed in their path. For the wellbeing of all members of the WIREC we will proceed into the future, even more successfully, due to our central research and developing equipment."

Dr. Erwin Weßling

WIREC treats changes as good opportunities for the development. While continuous intention for learning and renewing is the most characteristic of it’s activity, WIREC considers most far-reaching way the market demands in its innovative solutions.

WIREC acts proactively – taking the future demands into account.

WIREC had been established for providing opportunities.

  • WIREC provides the most up-to-date instrumentation for the aim of the university education.
  • In order to provide better and more efficient service WIREC widens the product spectra of its testing laboratories.
  • WIREC presents, tests the newly marketed instruments and keeps trainings for the customers in order to support the distributors to sell the new health protective, environmental-friendly techniques widespread.
  • WIREC provides competitive knowledge for the students promoting their job opportunities.
  • WIREC ensures high-level domestic research opportunities for the junior scientists and information about the expectations of the multinational companies.
  • WIREC presents the performance of the modern analytical methods, herewith giving answers for such everyday-life-quality related questions like: … does the drinking water contain any hazardous chemicals,… or how much pesticides can be found in the vegetables sold in the market...

WIREC provides opportunities – take the advantage of them!