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Investigation on plastic additives migration with LC-MS/MS technique

Development of complex analytical methods for the investigation on plastic additives migration with LC-MS/MS technique

Products of the plastic industry with many different kind of applications are quite wide-spread nowadays. However, these plastic products can be hazardous due to monomer residues and additives. Primary aromatic amines are one of the possible degradation products of additives like azocolorants and monomer residues. Restrictions have been introduced on the use of 22 aromatic amines paying special attention to articles which may come into direct contact with skin or oral cavity and to possible risks to children in directive 2002/61/EC....However, these restrictions refer to products made of textil and leather only. Plastic additives allowed to be used during the production of food contact materials are listed in regulation 2011/10/EC. The total specific migration limit for primary aromatic amines expressed as anline equivalent is 10 μg in 1 kg of food or food simulant.

The inicial steps of developing a method suitable for primary aromatic amine enrichment from artificial saliva were made during my MSc thesis work that I would like to continue as my PhD research project. According to directive 2002/61/EC, I intend to investigate the migration of primary aromatic amines into artificial saliva from plastic products in order to assess the risk that is present when children are likely to take those into their mouth. Additionally, I would like to study the migration of these compounds into different kind of food and food simulants according to regulation 2011/10/EC. The complexity and diversity of food samples require different sample preparation techniques to be developed. The production of spiked plastic sheets made of several polymer types is my plan in order to investigate the migration under controlled conditions.

Author: Bálint Sámuel Szabó, PhD student