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New succeses!


Congratulations to János Hegedüs, Pál Kis, István Orbán and Dóra Palya (chemistry BSc) for the successful defense!

Their theses:...

Improvement of an LC-MS/MS method suitable for the determination of primary aromatic amines
János Hegedüs
Supervisors: Zsuzsanna Eke, Bálint Sámuel Szabó

Comparison of LC-MS and GC-ECD techniques by endurance tests measuring iprodione
Pál Kis

Supervisor: Zsuzsanna Eke

Quantification of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their nitrated and oxygenated derivatives using coupled chromatographic techniques
István Orbán
Supervisors: Zsuzsanna Eke, Zoltán Nyiri

Development of a chemical separation method in stable carbon isotope analysis of n-alkane content of diesel oils
Dóra Palya
Supervisors: Zsuzsanna Eke, Márton Novák