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Student Laboratory Exercises

Instrumental Methods in Analytical Chemistry Lab I.

Subject code: kv2n4a17

Semester: fall

Schedule: 1×8 hours weekly in a half semester

Credit: 5

Contact person: Dr. Eke Zsuzsanna...


Short description:

The following techniques are presented: NMR, GC-FID, Mössbauer spectroscopy, Pozitronannihilation spectroscopy, GC-MS, LC-UV, LC-MS

Students will work in small groups (3-4 person/group) with the help of lab leader. Besides learning about the principles of the different techniques, they will have the opportunity to use the instruments following the lab leaders’ instructions.


Timetable: On Wednesdays 8 am – 4pm

Downloads and links:


Course requirements

List of practices

Mössbauer Spectroscopy


LC-UV - please read all 6 pages and the UV-VIS theory as well

UV-VIS practice

UV-VIS theory

NMR practice: and a free software for NMR data evaluation:

GC-FID practice:

AAS practice

AAS theory 1.

AAS theory 2.

Laboratory Practice on Separation Methods

Code: kv2n4a11

Semester: fall
Contact/week: 8 for a half semester
Kredit: 4
Students: Chemistry MSc
Teachers: Zsuzsanna Eke, Tibor Kremmer, Zoltán Nyiri, Bálint Szabó

Short description of the course:

During this course students work in little groups to get better insight in the techniques applied in separation science. They compare Soxhlet extraction an ultrasound assisted solvent extraction by measuring the fat content of meat samples. They also compare the performance of three different sample preparation techniques (Quechers, SPE, MSPD) by measuring pesticide from apple samples. After evaluating the GC-MS measurement results of the samples prepared during the practice, in their report they are asked to take special emphasis on the precision and the trueness of the measurements. With the help of a lab leader students are also allowed to compare split and or splitless injection with large volume injection. They also see a measurement with volatile target compouns.



Laboratory Practice on Separation Methods



Attendance sheet





SHS parameters

Soxhlet extraction


Chromatographic methods for the LVI report

LVI practice results for groups attended on 21 September

LVI practice results for groups attended on 28 September